Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Noctuinae: Agrotini

Agrotis orthogonia Morrison 1876

Common name: Pale western cutworm.

Hodges #: 10645.

Identification: Rfw 15.27 mm; fw transverse lines double, pale filled, st area pale.  Hw color variable from fuscous to nearly white.  All tibiae setose; protibial setae sharply pointed.  Eyes without hair, frons with a raised ring.

Similar species: 10223, 10649, 10669, 10704, 10780, 10831, 10838, and 10845.

Distribution: dry, semi-desert areas of western North America from southern Canada to California; ranging eastward nearly to the eastern edge of the Great Plains..

Hosts: Larvae have been reported from more than 25 species of forbs and grasses.  The species is  occasionally of economic importance on winter wheat and small grains.  It has also been reported from corn and sugar beets. 


ND  Divide Co., UV lt. trap.  17- VIII- 2003.  K. Anderson.


Protibia showing sharp setae.







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