Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Noctuinae: Agrotini

Euxoa comosa ( Morrison 1876)

Common name: No accepted common name, listed here as 'Pilose dart.'

Hodges #: 10780.

Identification: Rfw 15.66 mm, ground color gray, reniform with fuscous center, transverse lines black, hws fuscous with darker outer margin, pm line and discal lunule. In our area relatively distinct, but overall one of the most variable species in the genus (Lafontaine 1987).  Note generic characters of Euxoa.

Similar species: 10645, 10669, 10704, 10705, 10715, 10753, 10776, 10785, 10794, 10857, 10906, 10910, and 10992.

Distribution: Throughout western North America, excepting the Pacific coast; ranging eastward through the northern Great Plains, and in the Hudsonian zone to the Atlantic.

Hosts: Larvae have been reported on rye in Saskatchewan (Berine 1971, Lafontaine 1987)..

Note: E. c. altera McDunnough occurs throughout Dakotas except along the western edge where E. c. amir (Strecker) is found. (Lafontaine and Byers 1982).


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