Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Noctuinae: Noctuini

Paradiarsia litoralis (Packard 1867)

Common name: no accepted common name, listed here as 'Packard's bicolored dart.'

Hodges #: 10992.

Identification: Rfw 16.94 mm, fw ferruginous brown (%) to gray brown (&), hw fuscous with orange fringe.  Labial palpi with long ventral  hair-scales.  Thoracic vestiture of hair; protibiae with mesal and lateral rows of setae- the latter hidden in long fringe; metatibiae with lateral row of setae, metabasitarsus with four rows of setae..

Similar species: 9373, 10438, 10461, 10524, 10689, 10780, 10928, 11018, 11027, 11029, 11039, 11043, and 11049.1.

Distribution: transcontinental from Alaska to Newfoundland and the northern United States, southward in the Rockies to New Mexico and on the Pacific coast to Northern California.

Hosts: in laboratory rearing on Alnus- alder, Betula-- birch, Achilea milfolia-- yarrow, Prunus-- cherry and others (Lafontaine 1998); Taraxacum officinale--  dandelion, Trifolium--clovers, and Plantago-- Plantains (Rockburne & Lafontaine 1978).

Note: The junior subjective synonym, Pachnobia ferruginoides Smith 1890, was described from the Black Hills of South Daklota.


ND  Slope Co., 15- VI- 1966. J. Oberfoell.

ND  Sargent Co., UV lt. trap. 10- VI- 1986. 
G. Fauske


Head of P. litoralis showling shaggy labial palpi.



Protibia of P. literalis showing mesal row of setae and lateral row of setae hidden by fringe.    





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