Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Noctuinae: Noctuini

Graphiphora augur (Fabricius 1775)

Common name: no accepted common name, listed here as 'Broad-winged dart.'

Hodges #: 10928 as G. haruspica (Grote).

Identification: Rfw 20.74 mm, fw even brown, ordinary spots incompletely outlined with black. Labial palpi smooth scaled, not shaggy.

Similar species: 9365, 9946, 10462, 10780, 10926, 10992, 11018, 11027, 11029, 11039, 11043, and 11049.1.

Distribution: transcontinental from Alaska to Newfoundland and the northern United States, southward in the Rockies to New Mexico and on the Pacific coast to Northern California.

Hosts: larvae have been reported on strawberry, nettles, willow (Crumb 1956).


MN  Clay Co., Moorhead Science Center.  T139N R46W Sec. 10, Hg/ UV lt.,
10- VII- 1997. G. Fauske.


Lateral view of head of G. augur, showing smooth scaled labial palpi. 






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Dr. Gerald M. Fauske
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research specialist, NDSU
216 Hultz Hall
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