Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Noctuinae: Noctuini

Abagrotis cupida  (Grote 1864)

Common name: Brown climbing cutworm

Hodges #: 11043.

Identification: Rfw 14.39 mm; ground color red brown; ordinary spots and pm area darker, black spot at inception of st line diagnostic-- but also present in A. magnicupida Lafontaine which is not known from the Dakotas.  Hws fuscous.  Labial palpus 2nd segment with apical tuft; palpus laterally blackish and smooth scaled ventrally. Pro-tibiae without sclerotized setae.  Abdomen flattened.

Similar species: 10753, 10801, 10926, 10928, 10944, 10992, 11024.1, 11027, 11039, 11041, 11045, and 11049.1 

Distribution: southern Canada and United States east of the Rockies and excepting the deep south.   

Hosts: Larvae known from willow, apple, peach, and grape and occasionally of economic importance (Crumb 1956, Lafontaine 1998). 

Note: prior to 1998, this species was confused with the eastern A. magnicupida, a larger, paler species.


ND  Burleigh Co., UV lt. trap. 
18- VII- 1988.  G. Fauske. 


Abagroits cupida, lateral view of head showing black, smooth scaled second segment of labial palpus. 



Forewing of Abagrotis cupida showing black spot at inception of st line.





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