Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Noctuinae: Agrotini

Anicla exuberans (Smith 1895)

Common name: no accepted common name, listed here as 'Exuberant dart.'

Hodges #: 10906.

Identification: Rfw 16.54 mm; fw gray,. Ordinary spots fuscous, fw sprinkled with dark and light scales.  Ptagiae with dark basal scale band.  Meta-basitarsus with three rows of setae, eyes without hair, frons smooth.

Similar species: 10705,  10715, 10723, 10763, 10776, 10780, 10809, 10894, 10902, 10903, 10909, 10910, 10911, and 10927.1 .

Distribution: Rocky Mountains and western plains from southern Canada into Mexico.

Hosts: Life history of this species is as yet unknown. 



ND  Slope Co., Logging Camp Ranch. 
T136N R102W  Sec. 11.  Hg/UV lt.
 7- VII- 1996.  G. Fauske.


Ptagiae with basal dark band.








Last updated: 02/06/07

Dr. Gerald M. Fauske
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research specialist, NDSU
216 Hultz Hall
Fargo, ND 58105

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