Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Noctuinae: Agrotini

Euxoa tristicula (Morrison [1876])

Common name: Early cutworm

Hodges #: 10723.

Identification: Rfw 15.84 mm; fw gray;. two color forms, with and without black before and between ordinary spots, all forms with a prominent basal dash and nearly always a black median line on the ptagiae.  All tibiae setose, frons with a raised ring.  Males are easily distinguished from similar Euxoa species by the short, heavy, evenly down curved sacculus extension.

Similar species: 10641, 10715, 10716, 10753, 10805, 10809, 10826, 10882, 10894, and 10906.  

Distribution: Rocky Mountains from central Canada into Arizona, eastward in the northern plains to Wisconsin.  There is an isolated population in the New England States and southeastern Canada..

Hosts: larvae have been reported from alfalfa,  clovers, flax, sugar beet, dandelion, Russian thistle and winter wheat.



ND  Slope Co., Marmarth.  46 17 23 N. lat., 103 55 12 W. long. Hg/UV lt.  25- VII- 2004.  G. Fauske, P. Beauzay.








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