Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Noctuinae: Agrotini

Euxoa lidia (Stoll 1782)

Common name: No accepted common name, listed here as ‘Northern army cutworm.’

Hodges #: 10730.

Identification: Rfw 18.6, a polychromic species, fw with antemedial line not strongly excurved below A1+2; male juxta with prominent conical median process; sacculus extension spatulate at apex. 

Similar species: 10731, 10801.

Distribution: Eurasia, southern Canada and northern U. S., southward in Rockies to Colorado, also Greenland.

Hosts: not known for North America but almost certainly Poaceae– grasses.



ND  Grand Forks Co., Northwood. 
18- VII- 1957.  J. Onsauger.






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