Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Noctuinae: Agrotini

Euxoa niveilinea (Grote 1882)

Common name: Small striped cutworm/ 'Snow-lined dart.'.

Hodges #: 10831.

Identification: Rfw 13.67 mm, costa pale, R and Cu stem with white scales, orbicular spot round, four white streaks in st. area, streak from claviform spot to st. line of lighter shade of ground color, not yellow;  hws nearly immaculate white or with light fuscous margins and dark terminal line, overall darker in &&.  Tegulae with a row of white scales near base.  Male antennae heavily bifasciculate; note generic characters of Euxoa (Euxoa).   

Similar species: 10670, 10731, 10741, 10768, 10804, 10830, 10833, 10834, 10836, 10839,
10864 and 10976.  

Distribution: drier grasslands of the Great Plains from southern Canada to Texas and New Mexico, in the east, it extends as far as Michigan in suitable habitat, and in the southwest to Arizona. 

Hosts: Larvae have been reported as damaging sweet clover, corn and wheat in Nebraska
(Whelan 1935).

Note: a junior subjective synonym, Euxoa rabiata Smith, was described in 1910 from Volga, SD.


ND  Cass Co., Fargo.  UV lt. trap. 
27- VIII- 1957.  R. Groom.






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