Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Heliothentinae

Protoschinia nuchalis (Grote 1878)

Common name: listed here as ‘Spotted sage moth.’

Hodges #: 11082, as Protoschinia scutosa (Fabricius).

Identification: Rfw 14 mm; clypeus shelf-like, pro tibia > 3x as long as wide, all tibiae with setae, hw with dark postmedian line and broad fuscous border containing pale marginal spots.

Similar species: 11068, 11074, 11077, and 11190.1.

Distribution: Great Plains, Great Basin.

Hosts: Artemisia dracunculus L. [and other sages?].


moth image

ND, Ransom Co., East S. allotment, Sheyenne Natl.  grasslands, 12- VI- 1992, Hg/ UV light, coll. G. Fauske.


moth map

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