Moths of North Dakota

Prodoxidae: Prodoxinae

Tegeticula yuccasella (Riley 1872)

Common name: Yucca moth.

Hodges #: 198.

Identification: Rfw 12 mm, media stem present in discal cell of both wings, fws unmarked white, labial palpi shorter than long folded maxillary palpi, females possess maxillary tentacles.

Similar species: 200, 2420, 3399, and 8051.

Distribution: southern New England states to western North Dakota, southwestward to California and south to southern Mexico.

Hosts: larvae bore in seed pods of Yucca glauca Nuttall– Yucca, moths rest in the closed blossoms.


moth image

ND, Emmons Co., Linton.  11- VI- 1963, coll. R. Poole.


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