Moths of North Dakota

Gelechiidae: Dichromeridinae

Dichromeris ligulella Hübner 1818

Common name: Palmerworm.

Hodges #: 2281.

Identification: 8.0 mm, fw lacking CuP, CuA1+2 stalked, directed downward from end of discal cell and curved outward to outer margin, hw trapezoidal with concave outer margin and acute apex, 2nd segment of labial palpi with massive triangular tuft, 3rd segment very slender, proboscis with scales.

Similar species: none known from north Dakota.

Distribution: Southern Canada and U. S.

Hosts: larvae on many deciduous trees, Malus– apple, Quercus– oak, Celtis– hackberry, and Corylus– hazelnut.


moth image

ND, Ransom Co., 1.5 mi. SE. McLeod. 12- V- 1993, Hg/UV lt., coll. D. Cuthrell.


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