Moths of North Dakota

Cossidae: Cossinae

Acossus centerensis (Lintner 1877)

Common name: listed here as Darker poplar cossid.

Hodges #: 2675.

Identification: Rfw 19.9 mm, fw discal cell bi-sected by medial vein, hw translucent with dark hairs at base, labial palpi short, proboscis absent.

Similar species: 2693, 7920, 8005.

Distribution: southern Canada and temperate United States east of the Rockies.

Hosts: Larvae bore in Populus spp. Poplar.


moth image

ND, Richland Co., 2 mi. N Iron Pond, Sheyenne Natl. grasslands. 13- VI- 1992. Hg/ UV light, Coll. D. Cuthrell.


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