Moths of North Dakota

Cossidae: Cossinae

Prionoxystus robiniae (Peck 1818)

Common name: Carpenter moth/ Locust borer.

Hodges #: 2693.

Identification: Rfw 23.3 mm, wings hyaline, fw with large accessory and intercalary cells, wing with dark patches, proboscis absent, antennae pectinate in both sexes.

Similar species: 2675.

Distribution: southern Canada and U. S.

Hosts: larvae are trunk borers in a variety of trees, in our area preferring: Fraxinus pennsylvanicus Marsh. green ash, also in Acer negundo L. Box elder, and Quercus oak, Populus poplar/cottonwood, and Salix willow.


moth image

ND, Ransom Co., Berg allotment, Sheyenne Natl. grasslands, 12- VI- 1992, male, Hg/UV lt., coll. G. Fauske.

moth image

MN, Lake Co., McNair. 27- VI- 1992, female, Hg/UV lt., G. Fauske, D. Cuthrell.


moth image

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