Moths of North Dakota

Saturniidae: Hemileucinae

Hemileuca hera (Harris 1841)

Common name: Sagebrush sheep moth.

Hodges #: 7741.

Identification: Rfw 36.3 mm. wings cream white with veins and transverse lines black– this is a camouflage pattern when resting on stem of host plant.

Similar species: none in North Dakota.

Distribution: Rocky mountain states and southern provinces of Canada to southern Saskatchewan and western 1/3 of the Dakotas.

Hosts: Larvae feed on Artemisia tridentata Nutt.– Big sagebrush.


moth image

ND, Slope Co., Pretty Butte, Little Missouri Natl. grasslands, 5- VIII- 1966, coll. W. Cushing.

moth image

ND, Slope Co., Burning Coal vein. 9- VIII- 1997, pic. G. Fauske. ex. Artemisia tridentata.



moth map

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