Moths of North Dakota

Sphingidae: Sphinginae: Sphingini


Manduca rustica (Fabricius 1775)

Common name: Five spotted hawkmoth/ Tomato hornworm

Hodges #: 7778

Identification: Rfw 49.5 mm,  fw dark chocolate brown overlaid with white scales leaving three dark patches, hw with banding pattern obscured, abdomen with yellow lateral spots. 

Similar species: 7775, 7776.

Distribution: resident in southern U.S., straying into the northern U.S., is distributed southward through Mexico, Central America and South America to Uruguay. .

Hosts: Larvae feed on Jasminum sp.-- Jasmine, Bignonia sp.-- Bignonia, and other members of the Verbenaceae and Boraginaceae.

Note: This species is an occasional stray in ND.

TX  Brazos Co., College Station.  20- VIII- 1953.


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