Moths of North Dakota

Sphingidae: Macroglossinae: Philampelini

Eumorpha pandorus (Hübner [1821])

Common name: Pandora sphinx

Hodges #: 7859.

Identification: Rfw 48.7 mm, fw mottled green with dark rectangle along inner margin.  Ventral surface bright yellow-green.

Similar species: 7861, 7857.

Distribution: U.S. and extreme southern Canada from the Atlantic coast to the Great Plains.

Hosts: Larvae feed on Vitis sp.-- grape, Parthenocissus sp.-- woodbine/ Virginia creeper, and  Ampelopsis sp. -- pepper-vine.


IN, Tippecanoe Co., 13- VIII- 1976.  at light. coll. B. Stiles. 


Same specimen, ventral view.


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