Moths of North Dakota

Sphingidae: Macroglossinae

Hyles euphorbiae (Linnaeus 1758)

Common name: Spurge hawkmoth.

Hodges #: 7892.

Identification: Rfw 32.8 mm, diagonal pale stripe of fw widest at inner margin; fresh specimens with bright pink scales on ventral surface.

Similar species: 7893, 7894.

Distribution: Introduced into western Canada, Montana and the Dakotas. As of this writing, established in the southern prairie provinces of Canada, Montana, the Dakotas and Minnesota.

Hosts: Larvae used as a biological control agent for Euphorbia escula L. Leafy spurge.

MT, reared, ex. laboratory culture.

larvae image

ND, Pierce Co., nr Rugby VI- 2001, pic. J. Knodel

larvae image

ND, Ward Co., Burlington 13- VII- 2001, pic. J. Knodel

ND,  Richland Co., West I Allotment. 30-vii-2006, pic. P. Beauzay.


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