Moths of North Dakota

Noctuoidea, Notodontidae: Phalerinae

Ellida caniplaga (Walker 1856)

Common name: Linden prominent.

Hodges #: 7930.

Identification: Rfw 18.0 mm, lacks tuft of scales at mid point along inner margin, as such, passingly similar to many noctuids, note family characters and also the evenly arched costal margin of fw. Eyes without hair, antennae of male fasciculate. 

Similar species: generally similar to many species- 7933, 9189, 10275, 10291, 10944.

Distribution: southern Canada and United States east of the Great Plains.

Hosts: Larval feed on  Linden (basswood)- Tilia.


MN.  Clay Co., Moorhead Science Center.
6 mi. E. Glyndon. Hg/UV lt. 19- vi- 1995.
G. Fauske, C. Lochen, L. DeCock.


Larva, pic courtesy of Lacy Hyche, Auburn University, Forestry Images,







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