Moths of North Dakota

Noctuoidea Notodontidae: Heterocampinae

Macurocampa marthesia (Cramer 1789)

Common name: Mottled prominent

Hodges #: 7975

Identification: Rfw 21.6 mm, color variable, with or without a large pale patch on fw; fw with greenish apical streak and streaks in cell CuA1 and in the fold traceable even in palest specimens.  Green fades to yellowish in preserved moths.  Hw with large basal areole.  Male eighth sternite with inverted 'U-shaped' groove and two pits within groove. 

Similar species: 7983, 7985, 7990.

Distribution: southern Canada and United States east of the 100th meridian.

Hosts: Larval feed on Oaks- Quercus.

Note: specimens from the Great Plains lack the whitish fw patches of eastern moths and are M. m. manitobensis McDunnough.


ND. Wells Co.  10- VIII- 1962


IN. Lawrence Co., Bedford. at light,
30- VI- 1978. B. Stiles.




Ventral surface, eighth sternite of M. marthesia (left) showing inverted 'U- shaped' sternal groove (green arrow) and associated pit (blue arrow).
Hw of M marthesia (right) showing basal areole (green) formed by anastomosis of Sc+R and Rs (pink arrow) above the discal cell (blue).





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