Moths of North Dakota

Arctiidae: Arctiinae: Arctiini

Pyrrarctia isabella (J. E. Smith 1797)

Common name: Isabella tiger moth/Woolly bear.

Hodges #: 8129.

Identification: Rfw 21.7 mm, dorsal surfaces of femora coral red, tibiae black.

Similar species: 8203, 8214, 9449, 9450.

Distribution: southern Alaska to Nova Scotia, south to central Mexico.

Hosts: general feeder reported from corn, plantain, birch, clover, dandelion, aster, and sunflower.

Note: Like most arctiids, this species produces sound via a meta-thoracic tymbal, but this species is thought to be an auditory mimic of other arctiids which are distasteful to vertebrates, while this one is supposedly more palatable.

ND, Ransom Co., Little Yellowstone Park  20- VI- 2001 Hg/ UV light, male, coll. P. Tinerella.

ND, Cass Co., Casselton  UV light, 15- VI- 1992, female, coll. M. Hoard.

larva image

MN, Ottertail Co., nr Maplewood State Park  20- IX- 1997. pic. G. Fauske.






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