Moths of North Dakota

Arctiidae: Arctiinae: Arctiini

Hypercompe permaculata (Packard 1872)

Common name: listed here as  ‘Western leopard moth.’

Hodges #: 8144 as Turuptiana maculata (Packard).

Identification: Rfw 18.5 mm, pro-coxae clothed in gray hair-scales and having a woolly appearance, meta-tibiae with a single pair of spurs, abdomen lacks orange markings.

Similar species:  8199, 8140, 8137, 8136, 8134, 8133, 8132, 8131.

Distribution: western edge of Great Plains, Rocky Mt. states, Great Basin, and southward into northern Mexico.

Hosts: reported from a number of widespread plants: Stellaria media L.-- common chickweed, Polygonum-- knotweed, Taraxicum-- dandelion, and Plantago-- plantain.


ND, Golden Valley Co. Trotters,  17- vi- 1963. coll. J. & P. Quinnell.


Hindleg showing one pair of short spurs.


Ventral view showing gray femur and coxa.





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