Moths of North Dakota

Arctiidae: Arctiinae: Arctiini

Grammia virgo (Linnaeus 1758)

Common name: Virgin tiger moth.

Hodges #: 8197, as Apantesis virgo (L.).

Identification: 23.9 mm, largest Grammia, hw varying from yellow (rare) to scarlet, with one or more median dark blotches in addition to discal spot; note bent transverse line at end of fw discal cell, pro-tibiae black.

Similar species: 8179, 8182, 8193, 8195, 8196.

Distribution: coast to coast from central Canada to the central U. S.

Hosts: reported from a variety of low plants including Chenopodium goosefoot, Lactuca wild lettuce, and Plantago plantain.

Note: in the northern plains hybridizes with G. parthenice.  See-- The Grammia complex in North Dakota


ND, Ransom Co.,  A annex allotment, Sheyenne Natl. grasslands, T134N R54W  Sec. 8.  Hg/UV lt., 12- VII- 1992.  coll. G. Fauske.

ND Ransom Co. McLeod. 10- VII- 1962. 






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