Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Catocalinae

Catocala coccinata Grote 1872

Common name: Scarlet underwing.

Hodges #: 8851.

Identification: Rfw 26.6 mm, hw darker red than other Catocala species, ventral f/hw with red discal and pm areas; basal meso-tarsal segment densely setose ventrally, not with the usual three rows of setae.

Similar species: 8806, 8812, 8857.

Distribution: southern Canada and eastern United States, following river valleys onto the Great Plains.

Hosts: Larvae feed on Quercus Oaks, in ND, Q. macrocarpa Michx. Bur oak.


moth image

ND, Richland Co., West I allotment. Sheyenne natl. grasslands. 17- VII- 1997, Hg/UV lt. coll. G. Fauske.


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