Moths of North Dakota

Noctuidae: Eustrotiinae

Cerma cerintha (Trietschke 1826)

Common name:Tufted bird-lime moth.

Hodges #: 9062.

Identification: Rfw 12.8 mm, fw with scattered patches of metallic blue and green scales, abdominal segment four with a massive tuft of brown scales.

Similar species: 3098, 8970, 9090, 9136.

Distribution: southern Canada and eastern United States.

Hosts: Larvae feed on members of the Rosaceae, Rosa– Rose, Prunus– plum/cherry, and Crataegus– hawthorn.


moth image

ND, Golden Valley Co., Trotters.  23- VI- 1963. coll. J. & P. Quinnell.


moth map

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