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Linkage analysis allows geneticists to determine which genes are on the same chromosome. Geneticist would now like to extend that analysis to the developement of detailed genetic and molecular maps of different species. These maps would describe the order of genes and molecular markers on each chromosome of that species. Collectively, the maps of all of the chromosomes would describe the genetic organization of that species. The long term goal is to apply this information. For example, once a human gene is mapped to a specific chromosome, the map information can be used to locate molecular markers linked to that gene. The molecular marker can then be used as a tool to begin efforts to clone the gene itself. Once the gene is cloned and characterized that information might give clues to possible clinical treatments of the disease.

These maps can be developed by several methods. These include in situ hybridization, somatic cell hybrids, meiotic recombination maps, and fine-structure mapping. We will look at each of these different types of techniques.

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