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COMM 230, Basic Photography for Mass Media
COMM 330, Advanced News Photography (Photojournalism)

Lectures by Ross Collins PowerPoint presentations

By Ross F. Collins, professor of communication, North Dakota State University, Fargo.
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What is basic photography?

What is photojournalism?

What is a Digital SLR?

Characteristics of light.

Controlling light: lenses, f/stops, shutter speeds.

Guidelines for effective composition.

Color for photographers: theory and practice.

How to write standard cutlines/captions.

The law and photojournalism.

Ethics and photojournalism.

Principles of news photography.

Principles of sports photography.

Principles of travel photography.

History of photojournalism.

Manipulating photos: what is ethical?

We look. But do we see?

How to prepare a professional portfolio.

Ross's 10 practical principles for photojournalists.