COMM 700: Research Methods in Communication

Class Resources

Trouble remembering APA citation style? Here's a free on-line tool that generates MLA or APA citations for you! (It does not generate Chicago style, much to a historian's chagrin.)

AEJMC/NCA division list.

Midterm exam review.

Assignments to hand in.

Popular vs. scholarly: which periodical is which?

How to prepare your final prospectus and oral presentation.

Lecture synopses

Synopsis One: introduction.

Synopsis Two: quantitative and qualitative methods.

Synopsis Three: research questions and variables.

Synopsis Four: theories and definitions.

Synopsis Five: arguments and proposals.

Synopsis Six: operationalizing, reliability, validity.

Synopsis Seven: research methods, textual analysis.

Synopsis Eight: research methods, participant-observation studies and ethnography.

Synopsis Nine: research methods, experiments.

Synopsis Ten: research methods, surveys and sampling.

Synopsis Eleven: research methods, historical research.

Synopsis Twelve: ethics, presentations, publishing.

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