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The continuing adventures of Dr. Dan Druckermann, post-cyber historian of the twenty-second century.

Dr. Dan Druckermann.Join us for Dr. Dan's research, musings and writings from his chair as post-cyber historian of the 2100s!

As a specialist in twentieth-century history, Dr. Dan considers war, peace, time, and even paper over a century of change.

Dr. Dan Druckermann, Capsule One: The beginning of a new century.
The North Dakota State University professor cast his gaze out his window to the palm trees swaying in a warm January breeze. The country had changed in a century, in so many ways. Even my name is obsolete," he chuckled to himself. In German drucker meant printer; druckermann related to the person who worked on a printing press. But in 2110 paper had long become obsolete. Even the concept of ink pressed to a substance manufactured from crushed trees challenged imagination of his younger students.

Dr. Dan Druckermann, Capsule Two: Veterans and cursive.
No one on this day found it necessary to thank a veteran. No veterans held military salutes or made patriotic pronouncements. This was because the United States no longer had any veterans.

Dr. Dan Druckermann, Capsule Three: The passing of time.
It was like the old-fashioned "online class," only unbound by the ancient dictates of time and space. "A Star Trek warp drive for our classes, simply put," as Dr. Druckermann's educational physicist friend explained it.

Dr. Dan Druckermann, Capsule Four: Lost in translation.
They called it "texting." In fact, Dr. Druckermann could read nothing of some text he found from 2010, identified as an "Xms Carol."

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