Ross F. Collins

Ross’s Travel Article Quiz

What famous places are described in the travel story excerpts below? The link brings you to the answer.

1. "Bump into the French Riviera at Cannes or Nice, then climb back into the sunny hills about 30 miles from the coast and you'll reach a medieval hamlet that survives by sense of smell."

2. "The old Indian and voyageur trade routes in northeastern Minnesota have become nationally famous, not only for their beauty, but for their controversy."

3. "Most breathtaking is King's College chapel, a soaring thicket of spires begun by Henry VI in the mid-1400s, and finished by Henry VIII a century later."

4. "The last of the medieval crusaders, the Knights of St. John, established a wall around this eastern outpost of Christianity, defying Turkish Muslims for two centuries. Finally, in 1522, Suleiman the Magnificent breached the wall with 150,000 men, and sent the Knights packing to Malta, where they remain today."

5. "The path to the catacombs begins at a demure entrance across the street from Metro stop Denfert-Rochereau. A spiral stair leads you down 83 steps, below the subway, below the sewer, below the earth and into the chalky bedrock under the city."

6. "Once was the northernmost defensive 'Presidio' of the Spanish colonial rulers in Mexico."

7. "By 1800 we knew nothing: ruins were half-buried in sand, and inscriptions might as well have come from outer space, as some surmised. Then, in 1822, Champollion from France cracked the hieroglyphic code, and 4,000 years of history flooded back to us."

8. "We squinted through the gates of Holyrood Palace, shut tight for Good Friday. While the queen's official residence in Scotland was not taking on tourists today, the advice of its souvenir shop staff was obviously available. Any good pubs around for lunch?"

9. "From this great city Fassis scholars introduced astronomy and medicine to the West, translated Plato and Aristotle. Crafts people produced some of Europe's most intricate and beautiful art."

10. "This 'pearl of the lake' nestles aside some of Europe’s deepest fresh water, at almost 1,300 feet, and one of its most picturesque points: the little city’s lakeside Piazza Mazzini looks toward a soaring curtain of Swiss alps, and shorelines dotted with a splendor of palaces and gardens."