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NDSU Geosciences Petrology 422/622 and Petrography 423/623

Welcome to Petrology! This is a resource site for the course.

The textbook is Winter, J.D., 2010, "Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology," 2nd ed. Prentice Hall. The errata page is available at http://www.whitman.edu/geology/winter/. You should make corrections in your text if necessary.

Supplementary texts (not required) include: "Igneous Petrology" by A. McBirney, 2nd ed.; "An Introduction to Metamorphic Petrology" by B. Yardley; also texts by Wilson (1989); Philpotts; Klein and Dutrow "Mineral Science".

For the lab, we will be using Perkins, D. and Henke, K.R., 2004, "Minerals in Thin Sections," 2nd ed., Prentice Hall; ISBN: 0-13-142015-1.

My email address is bernhardt.saini-eidukat@ndsu.edu

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