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Dr. Sanjay Karmakar.



Graduate students


Name: Anirban Ghosh.
Degree: PhD - Spring 2018.

Thesis Title: ``Analysis of secrecy in Multi-user Wireless networks".


Name: Eric Kubischta.
Degree: M.S. - Spring 2018.
Currently a PhD candidate at UMD.

Thesis Title: ``A polynomial time procedure for converting regular channel codes to semantically secure wiretap codes on arbitrary channels".


Name: Parker Pavlicek.
Degree: M.S. - Spring 2018.
Currently working in Microsoft.

Thesis Title: ``Semantic security for fast fading wiretap channel".


Name: Avik Sarkar
Degree: M.S. - Fall 2016.
Currently a PhD candidate at MSU.

Thesis Title: ``The capacity region of the Gaussian ZIC with Gaussian input and weak interference".


Name: Noopur Modi
Degree: M.S. - Summer 2015.

Thesis Title: ``Capacity Region of two interfering MIMO Multiple Access Channel with Strong Interference".


Name: Mohammad K. Hossan
Degree: M.S. - Fall 2014.
Currently working in Qualcomm, San Diego, CA.

Thesis Title: ``On The Secrecy Capacity of Fading Gaussian Wire-Tap Channel".