About Us

Preserving Pollinators for a Sustainable Tomorrow

We've brought together a team of scientists from NDSU and the USDA who possess expertise in various aspects of pollinator research. Senior personnel such as Dr. Berti specialize in establishing and evaluating pollinator plantings, while Dr. Rider focuses on assessing pollinator diversity. Dr. Prischmann-Voldseth is experienced in studying insect pests and natural enemies, and Dr. Prasifka specializes in measuring floral resources. Additionally, our team has extensive experience in assessing pollinator fitness, physiology, and molecular markers in insects like Megachile rotundata, led by co-PIs Dr. Greenlee, Dr. Bowsher, and Dr. Rinehart. Rinehart also leads efforts in cryopreservation of insects. Moreover, Dr. Travers contributes expertise in the pollination of endangered plant species.

This project receives funding from the US Department of Defense via the US Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center.

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