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A searchable catalogue of about 15,000 records of terrestrial and freshwater organisms which inhabit Antarctica, the subantarctic islands of the Southern Ocean bordering the Antarctic Convergence, and the more temperate islands in the South Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. To obtain lists of species of birds, arthropods and other invertebrates, plants, lichens, algae and other single-celled organisms, follow the search instructions. Maps and geographic information about the remote islands and land areas can be accessed from the image map of the Southern Ocean.

The next stage for the development of the database is to improve the quality of the data and the speed at which it can be retrieved. If you are a specialist on the biota of the southernmost part of the Earth, and would be interested in coauthorship of future versions of Biota Australis Terrestris, please contact Allan Ashworth

Key words: southern ocean, subantarctic islands, antarctica, island biogeography, southern hemisphere biota

Supported by NSF/OPP Grant Nos. OPP-9615252 and OPP-0230696

Suggested citation: Ashworth, A.C., Vestal, W.D., Hokanson G., Joseph, L., Martin, M., McGlynn, K., Newbrey, M. G., Schlecht, N., Turnbull, J., White, A., Shukla, R., Mahodaya, R., Ashworth, H. and T. Zimmerman, 2010, <http:\\www.ndsu.edu\subantarctic>.
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Revision in progress, May 2010

"What's the use of their having names," the Gnat said, "if they won't answer to them?". "No use to them;" said Alice, "but it's useful to the people that name them, I suppose"

Lewis Carroll 'Through The Looking Glass'


Allan Ashworth & W. Dean Vestal
Debasree Chatterjee-Dawn, Guy Hokanson, Lura Joseph, Rupam Mahodaya, Marilee Martin, Kimberley McGlynn, Michael Newbrey, Nem Schlecht, Ruchi Shukla, Joy Turnbull,
Annette White,& Thomas Zimmerman