Welcome to the GDC

What Can We Do For You?

The use of “electronic discussion” in the GDC maximizes the efficiency of a group by allowing everyone to share ideas simultaneously and anonymously.

Using technology and skilled facilitators, the GDC provides group facilitation services to assist in focus groups, strategic planning, problem solving, decision-making, and consensus building.

The GDC at NDSU provides planning, testing, facilitation and complete reports for electronic meetings and the ability to distribute electronic surveys through a specified channel for the use of students, faculty, and area businesses.

Student Focused

The GDC provides the only student-focused facility using GroupSystems software in the Northern Plains. The activities of the GDC provide students with:

  1. An introduction to electronic discussion system.
  2. GroupSystem software training.
  3. Classroom discussions, program feedback for curriculum accreditation, clubs/organizations and research projects resulting in hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technology.

Faculty and Staff

 In addition to the development of student skills, the GDC is used by faculty and administration for planning, evaluation, research, and community service. The research conducted in the GDC is closely tied to its purpose of education and service.

Business Outreach

The GDC supports the growth and education of our community and encourages local businesses and organizations to take advantage of the benefits the GDC offers. With the use of electronic meetings and surveys, the GDC can help your business or organization accomplish its goals quicker and easier than the conventional meetings or paper survey.

Confidentiality Statement – All meetings and surveys are the property of the meeting/survey owners. If you have any request for meeting information please contact the meeting/survey owners directly.