Electronic Meetings

Have you ever wanted to speak up about an important topic during a meeting but different pressures didn’t allow you to do so? Wish brainstorming sessions weren’t inhibited by groupthink? Want to enable a large group of people to make a difference?

Through the GDC’s electronic meetings everyone’s opinions and ideas can be voiced by anonymously and simultaneously sharing ideas. Every comment is recorded for future reference and analysis. Quantitative data can be gathered through opinion polls and voting. Community and strategic planning sessions are enabled greatly through this format.

Why do GDC electronic meetings work?

In traditional meetings, status and personalities frequently obstruct the purpose of the meeting–jealousy and fear of “power plays” is counter-productive. Progress also can be blocked when participants have to wait for their turn to contribute.

Benefits of Electronic Meetings:

  • Anonymity
  • Simultaneous participation
  • Equal voices
  • A criticism-free discussion
  • Efficient and effective use of time and resources

Uses of Electronic Meetings:

  • Decision Making
    • Allow equal input and power for making crucial organizational decisions.
    • Simultaneous and anonymous discussion eliminates traditional group fears.
  • Focus Groups
    • Gather consumer data, employee satisfaction, and other group research.
    • Data is automatically compiled and easily compared against varied demographic groups.
  • Project Brainstorming
    • Electronic discussions can help relieve awkward group dynamics and encourage equal group participation.
    • Capture a great amount of ideas in a short amount of time.
  • Community Planning
    • Empower community members and leaders to discuss and decide on important issues surrounding a community or group.
  • Strategic Planning
    • Develop short and long-term goals and strategies for your business or organization.
    • Feedback and opinions for ideas and goals are generated easily through a simultaneous and anonymous forum.
  • Nominations and Elections
    • Nominate and elect officers or members of your organization quickly and anonymously.

The GDC provides your organization with a fully-facilitated meeting environment including:

Pre-planning session
Meeting session led by a trained facilitator
Electronic record of all ideas and decisions

Electronic Meetings Testimonials:

It was good information; I liked all the positive comments. I liked that no one was intimidated by having to speak in front if so many people.

— Horizons: Eureka

Different ideas that circulated could be seen pretty quickly.

— Horizons: Ashley

Engaged us in thinking forward about our community, and actually approaching difficult subjects.

— Horizons: Ashley

Very informative and eye opening about where our community is and will be going.

— Horizons: Ashley

I liked that people expressed their feelings so honestly when they were anonymous.

— Horizons: Ellendale

Good opportunity to express feelings and see that there are others who are concerned to improve our community.

— Horizons: Ellendale

It is great to get together as a community for the betterment of Ellendale.

— Horizons: Ellendale

People felt comfortable with responding with their true feelings.

— Horizons: Ellendale

Confidentiality Statement – All meetings and surveys are the property of the meeting/survey owners. If you have any request for meeting information please contact the meeting/survey owners directly.