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MOS Training and Certification are now available

Microsoft Office Specialist training and certifications are now being offered for all NDSU faculty and staff.  In an effort to assist with professional development for the faculty and staff, these offerings are being made available on campus.

To find out more about these offerings, follow this link.

Equine Guided Learning

Why Horses?

You can learn a lot about being human from a horse!

Equine Guided Education (EGE), an approach for personal growth and professional development by bringing horses and humans together, has been gaining momentum in recent years, world-wide. Its value lies within the scope of experiential learning, environmental learning, and social intelligence, to name just three.

The old adage of “you learn best from experience” is true indeed, and with good reason. There is distinct advantage in using experiential methods, it is the engagement of all of the senses – being in an environment with different sights, sounds, smells, and sensations.  Add to the physical sensations the emotional aspects of relating to the horses and the intellectual learning, the impact of what is learned can be greater. There can be more clarity in the recall of learning.

Social (or Emotional) Intelligence refers to skill in the areas of self and social awareness and management, and has been shown to be a critical component of success in the workplace and in life.  Horses are experts at this.

Learning with horses is a unique learning experience in the natural environment with sentient beings whose very survival depends on their social intelligence; and there’s more…

  • Horses and humans share a similar societal structure --- both have their herds, they can relate.
  • Horses rely on their senses, humans do as well when not relying so much on verbal communication.
  • Horses are curious, intuitive and responsive to humans.
  • Horses often mirror what they sense in humans – providing an opportunity for humans to self-examine.
  • Horses respond to authenticity – it’s hard to fool a horse.
  • Horses don’t judge, they just are – humans learn best when there is no judgment attached, it allows for powerful self-discovery.
  • Horses, by virtue of their size and power, command respect, humans can’t help but pay attention.

Here’s a bonus. This experience, bringing horses and humans together, is successful because of its defining feature of self-discovery.

The focus for the Staff Senate experience with HorseSong Coaching will be teambuilding.  You can come away with something you can use in any team or group setting, at work or in your personal life.

There will be two sessions on Thursday, May 21, 2015.  One from 9 AM - noon and one for 1 - 4 PM.  Transportion to the Equine Center will be provided. Visit the Market Place link to register for one of the sessions.

Administration Support Communications

Staff Senates motto for the year is "Staff Helping Staff".  This link will take you to some very helpful information in regards to doing business with the different departments on campus.

Each department has a slightly different set of requirements when receiving communications and process forms from you.

The intentions of the following web pages is to assist you with contact information, some procedural methods and "how-to's" to navigate to a successful completion of your task.


Please check out the current issue of the Messenger. You'll find timely information along with other important information.

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On January 1, 1990, the Staff Senate of North Dakota State University was formed as a representative body of NDSU's broadbanded employees.


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