Selective Admission

The NDSU Interior Design Program’s Curriculum is designed to introduce individuals to the field of interior design and to provide students with the educational experience necessary to pursue careers in various interior design firms or organizations.  Formal acceptance into the professional-level program comes at the conclusion of the first year of the program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to get accepted into the program?

A: Admission into second-year interior design courses requires a 3.0 institutional minimum cumulative grade-point average and a minimum grade of 'C' in all major core requirements.  Admission into the second year of the interior design program is also based on the review of a completed application and letter of intent that demonstrates professional and academic interest.  This is submitted during the spring semester of the student's first year in the interior design program. Students must maintain the 3.0 institutional minimum cumulative GPA and earn a grade of 'C' or better in all major core requirements throughout the remainder of the program. Transfer students entering the interior design program should contact the program coordinator to review previously completed interior design or related course work.

Q: What will I learn in my first year?

A: The first year of the program, your Interior Design courses introduce you to the profession, the fundamentals of design (including design elements and principles, and color theory) and visual and technical communication techniques (including drafting, sketching, perspective drawing, model building and rendering).  During your first year, in addition to your Interior Design courses, you will take several General Education courses, such as Math and English.

Q: What materials am I expected to buy?

A: You will need to purchase several textbooks, and a variety of drafting and rendering supplies, including paper, pencils, markers, a drafting board, drafting tools, and paints. A laptop is required the first semester of the freshman year.

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