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Jesse Price, a third-year student and President-Elect for the student chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers at NDSU, is the winner of the 2020 American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), MN Excellence in Design Student Award!  Students in the competition were required to be an ASID MN student member and have completed one year of undergraduate study in a two-year accredited program or four-year accredited program. The students who entered the competition were from seven colleges across Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

“I chose to enter the competition because I was proud of my Martin Residence project and wanted the opportunity to enter in a design competition. I did not know what to expect after I submitted my project to the competition but was excited for the results. Having the ability to create hand-rendered perspectives was the most enjoyable part of the project for me. I could add details and custom features that made the home come to life and work well for the Martins! I enjoyed the design challenges presented in this downtown condominium and look forward to entering more design competitions. Attention to detail and hard work always pays off!”

In the competition, the student projects were judged on presentation skills, design and planning competency, and conceptual creativity. Entries were judged in a blind format by two past ASID MN chapter presidents, the current ASID MN chapter president, and overseen by the 2019 ASID MN chapter president. Each entry had to answer the following question:

What design problem you were presented with for this project? How did you solve it?

“A retired couple, the Martins, had just purchased a downtown condominium and hired an interior designer to create a mid-century modern home where they can age in place. This condominium needed to be stylish, comfortable, and offer sustainable design considerations. A welcoming environment was essential for hosting friends and family, people of all abilities. With sustainability and universal design as main considerations for these clients, I was able to create a stylish home for them to enjoy. The incorporation of bold patterns and colorful textures were seen throughout the comfortable furniture.  The materials selected within the project are recycled and sustainable to the environment, many reflecting the colors of nature. The use of glass throughout the space allows light to travel throughout the wide and spacious condominium. Handicap accessible appliances and design considerations were made to allow easy living for the Martins. Ergonomic furniture pieces were implemented for comfort and ease of use for the family. Technological advancements, such as programmed lighting, window coverings, and volume, are incorporated throughout the space for flexibility and ease of control. The Martin Residence offers details to allow the Martins to live a long, comfortable life in.”

The Martin Residence is a project completed for the ADHM 251 Interior Design Studio I: Residential course. The project is focused on ageing in place, universal design, and sustainable design.  Students design a condominium for a recently retired couple who are downsizing from a home to a condominium in downtown Fargo.

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Meet the Alumni

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Student Achievement Data

North Dakota State University, Interior Design, Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts

It typically takes a full-time student taking approximately 16 credits per semester four years to complete the degree program. Credits per semester may vary if student has transferred to the program with credits and the minor he/she may select to support their interior design degree.

The following data was collected using institutional records and an alumni survey that was administered two weeks following the 2021 spring graduation. Seven out of 12 alumni responded to the survey.

Student Attrition and Retention

Admission into the second year professional program comes at the conclusion of the first year of the pre-professional program and is based upon demonstrated professional interest and involvement; a 3.0 institutional cumulative GPA, and a minimum grade of C in all major core requirements.  Students must maintain the 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA requirement and a grade of C or better in all major core requirements throughout the remainder of the program. 


Fall 2020 First Year Cohort33
Spring 2021 student applications meeting admission requirements23
Students from Fall 2020 cohort enrolled as of Fall 202123
Cohort Retention Rate70%

Graduation Rates

Of the students graduating in spring 2021, 75% graduated in 4 years (25% students not completing in 4 years were transfer students, or students that took a gap year from the interior design curriculum).

Acceptance into Graduate Programs

3 out of 12 students who graduated in 2021 applied for graduate school and 2 were accepted.

Job Placement

75% of students who graduated in May 2021 are employed in interior design.  Remaining alumni 25% are actively searching for employment in design following graduation (A follow-up survey will be issued August 2021).

Alumni Career Locations

(Updated May 27, 2021)

Alumni in Graduate School

Our alumni are prepared to pursue graduate degrees in several different majors.  Meet Matthew, his interest in historic buildings and historic preservation led him to pursue a masters in historic preservation at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island.


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