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Student Achievement Data

North Dakota State University, Interior Design, Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts

It typically takes a full-time student taking approximately 16 credits per semester four years to complete the degree program. Credits per semester may vary if student has transferred to the program with credits and the minor he/she may choose to purse to support their interior design degree.

The following data was collected using institutional records and an alumni survey that was administered 12 months after the class of 2018 graduated. 11 out of 14 alumni responded to the survey.

Student Attrition and Retention

Admission into the second year professional program comes at the conclusion of the first year of the pre-professional program and is based upon demonstrated professional interest and involvement; a 3.0 institutional cumulative GPA, and a minimum grade of C in all major core requirements.  Students must maintain the 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA requirement and a grade of C or better in all major core requirements throughout the remainder of the program. 


Fall 2017 First Year Cohort29
Spring 2018 student applications meeting admission requirements17
Students from Fall 2017 cohort enrolled as of Fall 201815
Cohort Retention Rate52%

Graduation Rates

Of the students graduating in 2018, 100% graduated in 4 years.

Acceptance into Graduate Programs

Students who graduated in 2018 did not apply for graduate school.

Job Placement

93% of students who graduated in May 2018 and actively searched for employment in design were employed by January 2019.

Alumni Career Locations

Acceptance in Graduate Programs

As of May 2018, students graduating from the classes of 2015-2018, two students have applied and have been accepted into a graduate program.


Alumni in Graduate School

Our alumni are prepared to pursue graduate degrees in several different majors.  Meet Matthew, his interest in historic buildings and historic preservation led him to pursue a masters in historic preservation at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island.


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Graduation Rates

86% of the students from the class of 2016 who were accepted1 into the program and entered the upper division course (3rd year) graduated in 4 years. {This percentage indicates that 2 of the 14 graduating seniors changed their major to interior design after their first year at NDSU}


98% of the students returned from the Fall 2015 semester for Spring 2016 courses.

(Updated June 2, 2016)


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