Welcome to AFROTC Detachment 610!

Welcome to Air Force ROTC Detachment 610, where our mission is to, "Educate, develop, and commission leaders of character for tomorrow's Air Force and Space Force". The goal of the Air Force ROTC program is to deliver a world-class leadership curriculum designed to challenge students both in the classroom and through practical application. Ultimately, we want to develop outstanding leaders who commission as second lieutenants upon graduation.

Detachment 610 is unique in that we are located at both North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota. Students at either of these two institutions may enroll in Air Force ROTC. Additionally, students enrolled at MSU-Moorhead, Concordia College, UM-Crookston, Park University at Grand Forks Air Force Base, or Mayville State University may join AFROTC Detachment 610, but will attend AFROTC courses at NDSU or UND.

Scholarships are typically available to High School Students through the Air Force ROTC High School Scholarship Program (application-based) and to college students enrolled in AFROTC through the In-College Scholarship Program (nomination-based).

For more information, please contact our office at ndsu.afrotc@ndsu.edu or (701) 231-8186


What to Expect:

AFROTC is designed to build leaders - leaders who are charged with leading Airmen throughout the world often working in a complex, diversified, ever-evolving dynamic global environment. 

 First, I'd like to dispel some common myths about our program:

- We are NOT military recruiters

- Cadets are NOT technically in the military until after graduation

- Cadets will NOT get deployed while in the program

- You do NOT need to be on scholarship to join

- You do NOT need to have participated in High School JROTC to join

- Cadets are NOT obligated for just joining, unless on scholarship 


- The camaraderie is second to none

- World class practical hands-on leadership training, something you typically won't find from any other university course, but IS something highly desired by employers

- A monthly stipend ranging from $300 to $500 per month

- In-state tuition is automatically granted for contracted cadets

- For nursing students at NDSU: we are granted 1 spot per semester automatically in the upper-division nursing program

- Free access to sporting events (Hockey, Football, etc.)

- Base visits (go see an AF base up close, with the trip paid for by the government)

- Professional development opportunities abound, such as Expeditionary Skills training, paid internships, special tactics, and language training.  And these are typically free of charge or even paid.

- The vast majority of our students graduate on time and many any graduate debt-free, or close to debt-free 

 And once you graduate…:

- Guaranteed job for 4 years making $55k+ per year

- Aviation pay adds about $2k-$10k per year

- Promotion opportunities

- 30 days paid vacation per year

- Medical/dental care for you and spouse/children

- Retirement eligible after only 20 years

- Travel the world for basically free (official business or on vacation) 

How does it work?:

You will typically take three ROTC classes per semester.  All cadets are required to take and attend our Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) once per week and attend at least two Physical Training (PT) sessions per week.   First and second year students take a 1-credit course each semester; third and fourth year students take a 3-credit course per semester.  As a freshman, you will most likely only spend 10-15 hours per week on ROTC activities, which includes your in-class time.  Typically, these courses will be held at the host university (NDSU or UND).  You should register for the courses through your university.  Please let us know if you have trouble registering for our courses.   

Courses you should register for as a Freshman:

- AS 110 - Air Force ROTC Fitness

- AS 111 – Heritage and Values of the United States Air Force

- AS 210 - Leadership Laboratory 

The focus of the in-class academic program is as follows: 

- 1st year students take an introductory course focusing on what the Air Force Heritage and Values

- 2nd Year students learn about Team and Leadership Fundamentals

- 3rd year students study Leading People and Effective Communication

- 4th year students take courses in National Security and prepare to commission as second Lieutenants

Summer Training:

Cadets compete for a chance to attend field training, which is usually held the summer between their sophomore and junior year.  The goal of the program is to train and evaluate leadership potential and prepare cadets to be commissioned as lieutenants in the Air Force upon graduation from college.   


High school seniors can apply for the High School Scholarship Program during the first semester of their senior year.  If you did not apply for the HSSP or were not accepted, there are opportunities to receive a scholarship under the In-College Scholarship Program after your first semester in the university.  For In-College Scholarship opportunities, cadets are nominated by the detachment commander based on a number of factors, so you will not apply for this scholarship opportunity.  Preparing for school, ensuring you have excellent time management, and earning a good grade point average will help make you competitive for this selective program. 


There are a variety of career fields for lieutenants in the Air Force and Space Force – Aircrew (Pilots, Combat Systems Officers, Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Drone) Pilots, and Air Battle Managers), Maintenance, Engineering, Cyberspace, Intelligence, Nuclear and Missile Operations, Space Operations, Special Operations, Public Affairs, Personnel, Acquisitions, Security Forces, Logistics, Medicine, etc. - the list is EXPANSIVE.  Students are selected for their career field within 1-2 years of commissioning.  Once you are commissioned as an Air Force or Space Force officer, your commitment will be 4 years of active duty and 4 years as an inactive Reservist, unless you are in a flying career, which will have an increased commitment due to the significant amount of money spent on your flight training program in the Air Force. 

I highly encourage you to check out the following page: www.afrotc.com  It is loaded with great information.  I can tell you that the Air Force and Space Force are selective - we are looking for talented individuals who are dedicated, hardworking, willing to serve their country and meet all of the desired traits expected of a professional military officer. 

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