Q.  If I join AFROTC, does that mean I am joining the military?

A: No.  If you got a four-year scholarship from high school, then the first year of college is paid for, and you can quit at the end of your freshman year with no obligation. If you got a three-year scholarship from high school or college then you are not committed to the Air Force until you accept your scholarship (usually in the fall of your sophomore year). If you did not get any scholarship, then you are not committed to joining the Air Force until you start your junior year of college.  With Air Force ROTC, we provide you with lots of opportunities to see what the Air Force is about before signing up. And while you are waiting, you are getting college out of the way and having a lot of fun.

Q. Do I have to join AFROTC as a Freshman?

A. No.  Any undergraduate student with three or more years remaining should be eligible. So if you are a second-semester freshman, a sophomore or otherwise and have at least three years remaining in your undergraduate studies, you are likely able to join the ROTC program.  In most cases, we can work with you to get you into the program.  Even graduate students!

Q. Can I participate in AFROTC without a scholarship?

A. Yes, you can. Many of our students do not start with a scholarship, but earn one eventually.

Q. Are there any restrictions in academic majors?

A. None at all. In fact, we encourage you to take a curriculum you are interested in and in which you have the capability to do well. Our main academic concern is that you maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) above 2.5 and attain your degree in the time period planned. The GPA requirements are different if you are applying for a scholarship and once you are on scholarship.

Q. If I take AFROTC classes, am I committed to military or government service?

A. There is no service commitment for students who take our classes with no intention of becoming an Air Force officer. For these types of students, it is only another class. If you are interested in becoming an officer, there is no service commitment during the first two years of the Air Force ROTC program (the General Military Course) unless you have an Air Force ROTC scholarship. If you decide to stay and join the Professional Officer Course (POC); the last two years of the program), you will sign an allocation contract with the Air Force and then incur a service obligation. For Air Force ROTC scholarship students, you are obligated once you have activated the scholarship and have entered your sophomore year.  Come try us for ONE semester - if you don't like the program or it isn't a right fit for you, you can part ways with us with no obligation/concern!

Q. What are the physical requirements?

A.  We conduct physical training (PT) twice a week in the program.  As a freshman cadet you are required to attempt the physical fitness assessment during your first semester.  You are under no obligation to pass this first assessment, unless you are a scholarship cadet.  To see more about the physical fitness requirements, please visit this:

Q. When do I get a uniform?

A. AFROTC uniforms are issued in a phased-approach.  You will receive you first AFROTC uniform the first week of the program.  After that, we phase-in your uniforms based on your performance within the cadet wing and your abilities to fulfill additional duties, such as performing Honor Guard/Color Guard duties.

Q. How do I join?

A. Simple!  When you are talking with your academic adviser, mention to them that you'd like to join the AFROTC program.  They are all experienced in assisting our cadets enrolling in the correct classes.  Should you have any issues with this process, or are looking to join the program after registration has closed, please contact our office. 


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