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Masters of Natural Resource Management Professional Degree Offers Flexibility

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For many students, the path to an advanced degree such as a master’s or doctoral degree can be hard to obtain if they are already working in their chosen field or don’t live close to a university. For students wanting to pursue a master’s degree in natural resource management, the NDSU College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources has made it much more convenient.

The online Masters of Natural Resource Management (MNRM) in the School of Natural Resource Sciences is a course-based master’s degree that allows students to further their post-bachelor’s education in disciplines related to natural resources. It is a 30-credit, interdisciplinary degree which focuses on many different areas, including range, entomology, soil science and other natural resource topics.

The program maximizes flexibility in the courses students take, experiences they have and the timeline they pursue. The MNRM is offered fully online, fully in person, or any combination. As a course-based degree, students have the option to take part in research. However, it does not require performing research or writing a thesis.

“This allows our students to take control of what works best for them in their unique situation,” says Karensa Short, MNRM program coordinator. “We have students from all over the U.S. utilizing the online course work to obtain their master’s degree.”

Natural resource management is a growing field. Graduates of this program will find themselves qualified for a variety of roles, such as a botanist, natural resources conservation agent, parks manager, land management agent, fish and wildlife specialist, urban ecosystem planner, watershed coordinator and many more.

“The flexibility of the online MNRM program has allowed me to earn my master’s degree while also working full-time,” says Aubrey Sondrol, pesticide outreach specialist for the North Dakota Department of Agriculture. “This has been invaluable to me.”

“We believe everyone should have the opportunity to further their education no matter where you are in life,” says Short. “Whether you are a parent, a full-time employee, or working on the other side of the country, we can create a graduate program that works for you.”


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