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NDSU Academic Advisors Help Students Reach Full Potential

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For many first- and second-year college students, navigating their first years away from home can be challenging.  

Knowing what courses to take, understanding the university services available to students and being a listening ear regarding life decisions are all things an NDSU Academic Advisor is prepared to help students navigate in their first years of college life.  

NDSU’s College of Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural Resources (CAFSNR) has three dedicated academic advisors available to help provide supportive and responsive information to students. Following admission to NDSU, each student is assigned an advisor from the college or department in which the student is majoring.  

Joel Hanson is the lead advisor for CAFSNR and the College of Engineering. In the spring of 2023, he celebrated his 25th year at NDSU with the last 15 years having served as the Director of the Student Support Center in the College of Engineering. Prior to that he served in NDSU’s Career Center for 10 years.  

“I really enjoy working with students from all backgrounds but find a certain level of satisfaction in working with undecided students, first generation students, transfer students (having been one myself), and students with military/veteran status,” says Hanson.  

Rob Glarum serves as the academic advisor for students majoring in agricultural education, animal science, biotechnology, crop and weed Science, equine science, family and consumer science education, food safety and food science, general agriculture, horticulture, microbiology, precision agriculture, soil science and veterinary technology.  

Jennifer Carney is the academic advisor for students with interest in agribusiness, agricultural economics, economics and other majors in the College of Business. “Getting to know our students and then seeing all the things that they accomplish at NDSU and beyond makes my role as an academic advisor very fulfilling,” says Carney.  

“Our goal is to help every NDSU student find success in their educational endeavors,” adds Glarum. “Whether that’s helping them explore different majors, guiding them to professional development opportunities, or helping them during tough times, we want every student to feel supported.”  


Joel Hanson, 701-231-9676,  

Rob Glarum, 701-231-6117,  

Jennifer Carney, 701-231-7442,