As the campus continued to grow, the need for library space once again became an issue. The Carnegie Library, built in 1905, became cramped and many volumes and documents were stored in departmental libraries and offices. In 1938, the College sent a proposal to the office of the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.)in Omaha, Nebraska asking for $200,000 towards the construction of a new library. The proposal was not accepted by the W.P.A. (Beacon Across the Prairie, p. 175-176). In 1944, Mr. Elliot Hardaway was appointed the head librarian with the understanding that a new building would be constructed as soon as possible. He, along with Professor Knute A. Henning, drew up plans for the new building while administrators tirelessly sent proposals for funds. The College was unsuccessful in its attempt to secure the necessary funds to begin construction on a new library. In 1947, with the new building still three years away, Mr. Hardaway resigned. Mr. H. Dean Stallings succeeded Hardaway in 1947, and the plans for a new building continued.

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