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Welcome to the Office of the NDSU Ombudsperson


My name is Kristine Paranica and I am very pleased to be a part of the NDSU Community!  You can reach me at 701-231-5114 or through email (   My office is located in the NDSU Library in Room 20C.  *During this COVID-19 Crisis, I will be working remotely but able to meet by phone, using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.  Be sure to reach out if you need someone to talk to. Along with all of the resources on campus, we are here for you.

I am eager to meet with anyone who wants to know more about me and the functions of my office, those who are experiencing challenges, and those who have questions about where to go and who to talk to about a variety of issues, as well as those who are interested in preventative or pro-active approaches to conflict.  I am an informal resource to help you get clear about your situation and possible options.  Our meetings are private and informal and you will maintain control over your situation and your decisions.  Only concerns that relate to Title IX violations, sexual misconduct, illegal activity, and imminent threats of harm to any person may require formal reporting with or without your consent.  You can meet with me by phone, skype, or in-person.  Email is ok too, but email is an open record in North Dakota, so please be aware that anything emailed could be requested and seen by an inquirer with a legitimate purpose.

The Ombud's Office is not an "office of official notice" for the University.  If you would like to make a complaint officially, please consult the office of the President, Provost or other Vice President, Equity and Diversity/EEO, Legal Counsel, or other offices. 

The NDSU Ombudsperson provides these services:

  • Consultation
  • Conflict Resolution
    • Mediation
    • Conflict Coaching
    • Group Facilitation
  • Training/Education
  • Team Development


Who May Request Services:

Faculty, Instructors, Lecturers and Others Working in Academic Affairs including administrative staff, Graduate Students, Graduate Research Assistants and GSA's.  I will see anyone on campus who has experienced bullying directly or as a bystander, no matter your status as faculty, staff or student.  I can also  help any staff groups who are experiencing conflict.  No matter your status at NDSU, please contact me and if I can't help you, together we will find someone who can.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the NDSU Ombuds Office is to provide a safe environment where members of the NDSU Community may explore their concerns, consider the impact of all options, receive information and referrals, and design their best course of action in addressing their concerns.

Important Policies

*The Ombuds Office will keep statistics for every visit made to the office without identifying information such as names, specific offices or departments.  Mediation services by the Ombuds Office are confidential by agreement and notes and information provided by the participants are generated by them and maintained by them at their discretion.  The Ombuds Office will keep agreements to mediate but will not keep mediation documents or information for the parties.  The Office endeavers to keep all visits informal, private and confidential.  These exceptions to confidentiality are follows:

* If there are perceived credible threats of harm to oneself or others, including sexual assault, harassment, discrimination, or misconduct,  child abuse, elder abuse, etc.

*If ND State law requires disclosure (e.g., something falls within open records laws definitions, information already considered public and discoverable); Only concerns that relate to Title IX violations such as sexual misconduct may require formal reporting with or without your consent. 


If you have experienced harassment, discrimination, or other unfortunate events, the Ombuds can help you if you decide to report the incident to the Equity/Title IX Office, Human Resources, President & VP offices, College Deans, University Police, etc.).  You may contact the Ombuds to discuss these issues and what to do about them  If you believe you are in any danger or experiencing violence, harassment or discrimination, please make a report to University Police, the Dean of Students, or other offices of official notice.   


Flyer for the Ombud's Office

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