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Welcome to the Center for the Study of Digital Society at North Dakota State University (NDSU), where we are dedicated to advancing the understanding of digital society, digital humanities, and computational social science. Our mission is to harness the power of technological change to promote the common good and contribute to the development of a more inclusive, sustainable, intellectually vibrant, and secure society.

At our center, we strive to create an environment that fosters interdisciplinary research, collaboration, and innovation. Through cutting-edge studies and projects, we aim to explore the intricate relationship between technology and society, uncovering insights that can shape a better future for all.

Research Focus

Digital Society

We delve into the impact of digital technologies on individuals, communities, and institutions, examining the evolving dynamics of the digital era.

Digital Humanities

Our commitment to the humanities in the digital age involves exploring how technology can enhance and transform the understanding of human culture, history, and expression.

Computational Social Science

Through advanced computational methods, we investigate social phenomena, patterns, and behaviors, providing valuable insights into the complexities of contemporary society.



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