Internal and External Mentors

Junior PIInternal
Peer Advisor
1.Dr. Buddhadev LayekDr. Sanku Mallik, Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Sandro R. P. da Rocha, Professor, School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutics, Virginia Commonwealth University

Dr. Daniel Tuvin (Translational), specialized in complex general surgical oncology, hepatobiliary surgery, peritoneal surface malignancies and skin and soft tissue neoplasms

 Dr. Katie Reindl
2.Dr. Roberto GomesDr. Sanku Mallik, Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Igor Roninson, Ph.D.,Director, COBRE Center for Targeted Therapeutics, South Carolina College of Pharmacy 

Dr. Laszlo Kurti
Professor of Chemistry, Rice University

Dr. Glenn Dorsam
3.Dr. Saikat BasuDr. Joshua Reineke,
Associate Professor of Pharmacy, South Dakota State University
Dr. Luke Theogarajan, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC Santa Barbara
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