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Graduate Studies

Courses Offered

673 Polymer Synthesis (3 cr)
Catalysts and mechanisms in the chain-growth synthesis of macromolecules from polyesters of the 30s to engineering polymers of the 90s. Prereq Chem 342.

674 Applied Polymer Science (Coatings I) (3 cr)
Principles of film formation, synthesis, structure-property relationships, coatings solvents; pigments and their dispersion. Prereq Chem342

675 Coatings' Materials Science (Coatings II) (3 cr)
Physical properties of coatings and their components; formulation, design, testing and applications; color, adhesion and rheology. Prereq CPM 474/674.

683 Polymer Practicum (2 cr)
Focus on key synthetic methods for polymer synthesis, reaction kinetics, and the characterization methods.  Students will be introduced to basic lab skills and the analytical tools used to synthesize and characterize macromolecules. Prereq: CPM 673.

684 Coatings I Laboratory (2 cr)
Polymer synthesis, coating characterization and properties. Laboratory counterpart to CPM 474/674.. Coreq CPM 474/674

685 Coatings II - Laboratory (2 cr)
Coating formulation; testing, color measurements, synthesis, application methods. Laboratory counterpart to CPM 475/675. 1 six-hour laboratory. Hours flexible. Coreq CPM 475/675

686 Corrosion and Materials (3 cr)
Corrosion science and engineering: basic electrochemistry of corrosion, measurement of corrosion, choice of materials in engineering design to mitigate corrosion, corrosion control by coatings, evaluation of corrosion protection, and areas of special corrosion problems. Recommended Prereq: CHEM 121 or 150. Cross-listed with CHEM.

687 Corrosion and Materials Laboratory (1 cr)
The laboratory will allow the students to become acquainted with experimental techniques for the study of corrosion processes and the failure of materials. Additionally, the methods for protection of materials will be practiced. Recommended Co-req: CPM 686.

771 Modern Methods of Polymer Characterization (3 cr)
Understanding the physical properties of polymers and methods for their characterization. Focusing on the significance and interplay of physical parameters and the underlying physics of the characterization methods.

773 Organic Chemistry of Coatings (3 cr)
Advanced topics in organic chemistry as used in coatings including Polymer synthesis, crosslinking reactions and molecular degradation reactions in coating films. Prereq. CPM 473 and 475, and Chem. 741 or departmental approval.

775 Color and Appearance (3 cr)
Topics in color and appearance in coatings and weathering of coatings, including numerical methods for opacity and color measurement, computer color matching methods and color methods in coatings, links and computers. Prereq. CPM 475/675.

778 Physical Chemistry of Polymers (4 cr)
Introduction to rheological concepts and the flow behavior of macromelecules. Transition in polymers, molecular weight characterization, blend compatibility, composite behavior and other topics, e.g. drug release and liquid crystals. Prereq. CPM 473/673.

782 Physical Chemistry of Coatings (3 cr)
Surface chemistry diffusion in coatings, colloid stability, advanced CPVC concepts, film formation, particle size effects and theories of coating application methods. Prerq. Chem 365; CPM474/674.

The following variable credit courses are also offered:

690 Graduate Seminar (M.S.) 1-3 cr
790 Graduate Seminar (Ph.D.) 1-3 cr
793 Individual Study/Tutorial 1-5 cr
795 Field Experience 1-15 cr
796 Special Topics 1-5 cr
798 Master's Thesis 1-10 cr
899 Doctoral Dissertation 1-15 cr

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