Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find complete information on application, including application forms?
Visit the NDSU Graduate School.  The application process is entirely online.

What is the review process to determine admission?
After all your application materials are received by the Graduate School, the package is forwarded to the CPM Department for evaluation. The decision is made by all the faculty members in the department. It may take up to 1-2 months to complete the process. Once a decision is made, you will be notified by the Graduate School.

Do I get enough financial aid from the department if I am accepted to your program?

  1. The department normally offers a graduate assistantship to each graduate student accepted to our program. The current starting stipend is $1700/month. This current rate should be able to cover the modest living expenses in Fargo as a graduate student. Assistantships are typically research assistantships and students are expected to carry out work on a research project.
  2. Students who are receiving an assistantship (stipend) and are in good academic standing (GPA > 3.0) also receive a waiver of tuition.

What is the minimum requirement for the GRE and the TOEFL tests and is the GRE subject score required for consideration?
For international applicants, the minimum requirement for the TOEFL test is 550 (paper-based), 79 (internet based), or an IELTS score of 6. There is no explicit minimum requirement for the GRE test. A GRE subject test is not required but recommended.

Can I send copies of my transcripts, GRE and TOEFL test scores to the graduate school first and later submit the official ones?
No. Our graduate school does not accept copies of the above documents. Without official copies, your application will not be reviewed.

Is it possible to waive the application fee and transcript assessment fee?

How can I get more information on the research activities conducted by each faculty member?
You can visit each faculty member’s web page to find out what they are doing. You can also send email directly to the professors to ask for further information, however, keep in mind that they receive many such inquiries.

I have a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering (or other areas than chemistry). Is it possible for me to apply for your program?
Yes. Our department is a multi-disciplinary research department with focus on polymers, coatings and materials science. Students with a background in chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, materials science, and mechanical engineering are all welcome to apply. The curriculum of the graduate program is designed to fit students with different training.

The Department offers both MS and a PhD degrees. Is a Master's degree required before studying for a PhD?
Both the MS and PhD degrees are viewed by the Department as terminal degrees. The MS degree is often sufficient for someone who wishes to pursue a career in product development in the coatings industry. The MS is not required before pursuing a PhD degree. We recommend that international students pursue a PhD degree when applying for admission.

If I send the Department a resume and my test scores, can you tell me if I will be accepted into the program?
No, you should submit a complete application through the Graduate School. The Department uses all the material required by the application process in making a decision.

Should I contact Department Faculty to find an adviser prior to applying to the Department?
No, students select an adviser during their first semester of study in the department. Therefore, you must be admitted into the program first and join the Department before selecting an adviser.

How do I choose an adviser after I join the program?
Once you join the program, you will have one semester to get familiar with each professor’s research projects by talking to the professors, their graduate students, group members, and participating in their group meetings. At the end of the first semester, you will select one professor as your thesis supervisor. Your supervisors will then start to give you instructions on your courses and thesis work towards your final degree.

How can I determine the status of my application?
Please contact the Graduate School to determine the status of your application.

If I have more questions during the application process, whom should I contact?
You can send email to Dr. Andriy Voronov. He will be glad to answer your questions.

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