Request Additional Student Data

Information and data not found on the reports posted to this site may be requested below. NDSU complies with North Dakota open records and national student data privacy (FERPA) laws, and only releases information defined as "directory" under FERPA to outside third-party requesters (see Student Data Privacy).

PLEASE NOTE: Several enrollment and degree reports are available on this web site. Please check to see if any of the publicly available reports will meet your needs prior to submitting a data request.

Internal (University Only) Data Requests

Only university officials or others with a legitimate educational interest as defined by FERPA are authorized to receive education records that contain non-directory personally-identifiable information. Official status and legitimate interest are determined prior to fulfilling the data request. See information and guidelines on re-disclosure and destruction/disposal or education records.

Internal Request Form*(may require Microsoft 365 login with NDUS credentials)

External (Third-Party) Data Requests

Third parties are restricted to directory information only, as defined by federal, state, and institutional policies (see Student Privacy Policy).

External Request Form

NOTE: These forms are now using a new format and we would appreciate your feedback. Please email to share any feedback or suggestions you may have for improving the user experience. Thank you!

HAVE QUESTIONS about Student Privacy Policy or FERPA?... Please contact:

Office of Registration and Records
110 Ceres Hall
NDSU Dept. 2801/ P.O. Box 6050 / Fargo, ND 58108-6050
701-231-7981 (local) / 800-608-6378 (toll free) / 701-231-8959 (fax) 

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